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Chances? (3.71 cGPA / 3.9 L2 / 3.88 B3 / 163)

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Hi there,

I am applying to Queens, Western, UofT, and Osgoode. I am a UofT graduate with an HBA (humanities). 3.71 cGPA, 3.9 L2, 3.88 B3. I have 3 LSAT attempts (cancel, cancel, 163). My ECs are nothing spectacular (like no exchanges, volunteering abroad, or academic medals of excellence), though my activities demonstrate commitment and can be connected to an interest in law. Refs are reliable too.

1) Based on my stats and a decent PS, is it fair to say admission to Queens + Western looks pretty good?

2) With Oz + UofT, is it fair to say my PS will play a more significant role? Mainly since my stats hover around their respective medians 

Thank you very much for any insight! 

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2 hours ago, Luckycharm said:

Why do you ask the same question again and again?

Sorry about all the posts. Probably would have been wiser to only create this 'chances' post in the general discussion (instead of in addition to the individual school sections). 

But I feel this post has different questions, no? My other post was concerned w/ having taken the LSAT 3 times with 2 cancels + whether to address it in my PS. This one is about being accepted to Queens + Western, along with the importance of my PS for Osgoode and uoft given my borderline stats. 

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