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On 8/23/2020 at 2:06 PM, chaboywb said:

I didnt know anyone in the legal field when I began considering law school. I was in life sciences and competing against students who had 4.0 GPAs and talked about nothing but med school, all day every day. I was not one of those perfect students and assumed the entrance barrier for law was just as high. After graduating undergrad with my biology degree and zero relevant experience, I truly believed I was at a dead end while (unsuccessfully) searching for minimum wage lab tech jobs.

This forum was the only way I was able to candidly learn about the profession and is honestly the reason I pursued a legal career. I'll never forget the day I found the old "rate my chances" thread, took my first practice LSAT, and realized I could actually get into law school with my stats. Threads about dressing professionally (I thought a black suit was the peak of business professional), what to put in a personal statement or cover letter, how to handle stress in 1L, how to nail an OCI, etc. have saved me many times. Four years ago, I truly could not have imagined that I'd someday be working in downtown Toronto making a near six figure income. And I owe a TON of gratification to the posters on this forum, who have been more helpful than any CDO, recruiter, lawyer, or upper year student I've spoken to.

Story of my life

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I know this doesn’t contribute much to the convo, and yeah it was months ago (late to the party as always), but I just gotta say that @artsydork’s text rainbow kind of made my evening.

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    • what are your stats? and how did you find out?
    • I echo what Deadpool said. There are a lot of lawyers in policy roles, such as in the PM and EC pay groups, trying to break into the LP group. Unfortunately, internal postings for LP-01 positions (generally, lawyers with 0-4 years experience post-call) are very rare because the DOJ fills LP-01 positions with their own articling students and the SCC/FCA/FC/TCC law clerks through unadvertised processes. As a result, there’s not much use for internal only competitions and if they need additional people they’ll generally run an external competition. Everyone I’ve heard of who transferred from a government policy role into the DOJ did so through networking and getting an unadvertised appointment. So if you take the policy job and want to get into the DOJ, do not rely on getting in through a formal internal posting. 
    • I can't say I love it either but in a sense it's the most holistic way to decide every application on its own individual merits instead of pitting them against another application.  I also prefer gin with my tonic.  
    • I was notified 2 days later via OASIS

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