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Apply for both JD and JID?

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Hi folks,

Anyone here apply for both? Anyone apply for just JID?

I’m getting prepared to apply in September. I’d prefer the JID program but it feels risky to only throw my application for one place. I understand they’re separate applications (and the JID requires references). 

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts about the JID. I watched the video about applying that got posted in March and I’m really interested. 

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I am just a regular JD incoming 1L, so I have no opinions on the JID other than to say it sounds cool. 

But, from my reading the posts in the incoming class' Facebook page, I can make one relevant comment: it seems like lots of people do apply for both, and from what a few folks have said, the JD acceptance came significantly before the JID acceptance. So if you decide you definitely want to come to Victoria, I would definitely apply to both and have the feeling of "risk" be a little lower.

Since there's no other JID program in Canada, and still lots of interesting electives, I imagine the regular JD at Victoria would probably still rank pretty well among your other options. You would still be able to take lots of Indigenous, or at least indigen-ish, courses.


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