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Reg LSAT VS FLEX --Details & Difference?

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Hello LSAT Gods, 


LSAT TABLET: If you've taken the LSAT on the new tablet style can you please drop some details on the experience, what's allowed, what's not allowed, and the details about taking this test on a tablet?

LSAT FLEX: What's this test like, and how does it differ than the regular LSAT on a tablet? 

I would appreciate as much detail as possible. 

Thank you :)

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I can't tell you how the Flex differs from a regular LSAT, but I can tell you the process roughly. 

You show up on test day wherever you've decided to take your test and make yourself comfy. Once it hits your time slot you log into ProctorU, connect to your proctor, go through all your security checks for about 10 minutes provided everything goes smoothly, log into Law Hub, then away you go. The exam interface looks exactly like the practice test ones on the LawHub site. I don't know if it does this on the practice exams but there's an annoying "five minutes left" warning that pops up when you're almost out of time. You get a one minute break between each section, which you can choose to skip or not. If anything happens, the exam will NOT pause unless the browser is closed (my first proctor dipped halfway through logical reasoning so I lost a bit of time connecting to a new one). 

You're allowed to have with you a juice box/water, five sheets of scrap paper, an eraser with no sleeve, a no. 2 pencil (they asked me to show them it was no. 2), pencil sharpener, and your ID. You have to tear the scrap paper up at the end - I only wound up using one sheet. 


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Also flex has one less scored section, with one reading comprehension, one Logical Reasoning and one logic games whereas regular had 2 logical reasoning

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