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Free PowerScore LSAT Bibles + Workbooks (2014 edition)

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I have the following books to give away for free (except you pay for shipping from Greater Vancouver):

LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible + Workbook

LSAT Logic Games Bible + Workbook

LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible + Workbook

Little to no markings/highlights in any of them.

I'm located in Greater Vancouver for anyone local who wants to just pick them up.


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    • Hi, For all of you guys who have already taken the test, I have a couple of questions in relation to LSAT Flex (I am registered to take it in August) a. What are the steps that I need to take in order to be ready for taking LSAT Flex (i.e. what software to download,  what documents to prepare, is there a web connection that I can/need to test, is there a way to check and certify that I am ready to take the test from a technical perspective, etc.) b. Is there a way to take a "fake" LSAT flex under real-like exam conditions (including all the steps that I need to undertake at a.)? c. When can/should I write the LSAT writing test, before or after taking LSAT Flex? Is it the same setup like for the LSAT Flex? Will I write my writing sample on a computer in a special editor or in an editor of my choosing (i.e. MS Word)? If it is a special editor, is there a way to get acquainted with this editor, does it have spell check and formatting (or is it more like Notepad)? I would not want to have any surprises/scramble to install stuff on my computer on exam day, if at all possible.   Thanks a bunch!
    • For what it’s worth, I interviewed at a mid size municipality outside the GTA last year as a 5 year call. The questions were quite general if I recall:  “describe a situation where you” type stuff and mostly not substantive in nature. Knowledge of municipal or planning wasn’t a large factor in their hiring decision but they did ask some basic questions to get an idea of your level of knowledge.    
    • I was accepted with stats almost identical to yours (3.7 cGPA [3.72 with final winter term marks] and 158 LSAT). Though I was not waitlisted, I recieved my offer of admission later in the cycle during the last large wave of acceptances. Take care when preparing your personal statement and sketch, as well as when selecting those who will write your reference letters and you will have a legitimate shot at an offer from Osgoode- especially if you are able to improve your LSAT a few percentile points. 
    • Holy smokes, that's very intense. You should be very proud of yourself. 167 is an amazing score! Did Mike Kim's Trainer help you?
    • Thats a pretty good diagnostic btw

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