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Pseudo-anonymity on this forum

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A reminder to all - no one here is really that anonymous. 

Take a minute to imagine your post history becomes a morning read for your boss / prof / the admissions committee. 

In the last two weeks we have dealt with a number of posters opening themselves up to potential offline consequences. Since this whole forum is built on a belief that people can easily self moderate and that they deserve the reputations they earn, we don’t allow anyone to delete their post history. 

This is not meant to scare anyone. But if it scares you, maybe think over any future posts here very carefully... your future self (and the mods) will thank you for it. 

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    • Bora Laskin studied law at both U of T and Osgoode. So, didn't U of T law technically produce the CJ of the SCC?? 
    • Some law schools explicitly require a letter of reference from a former instructor (ideally a professor you had and were able to form a close relationship with during your undergrad), otherwise what other posters in this thread have said is correct. 
    • This did send me down a fun rabbit hole of how many SCC Chief Justices each school has contributed during the Court’s history.  The obvious takeaway from my research is that if you want to be the CJ of the SCC, you should: (i) preferably, never go to law school and simply read for the bar; (ii) if (i) is not an option, attend, in order: (a) Laval; (b) Osgoode; (c); Montreal; (d) McGill (e) Manitoba; (f) Alberta; (g) Ottawa. Since past performance is obviously predictive of future success, I think the only logical thing to do with this information is take it as incontrovertible proof of distinctions between law schools and to adopt the above as a comprehensive ranking of Canadian law schools. We should also consider disbanding U of T’s law school, seeing as it charges so much money while offering a literally zero percent chance of ever becoming the CJ of the SCC. [More seriously, it actually was interesting to learn about which schools have produced which justices, though obviously it’s meaningless.]
    • Based on UBC's phrasing, it seems they only count the credits put towards your degree (for example, if you did college or another program and dropped out, those may not be included). They also drop a certain amount of your lowest classes depending on if you apply with 3 or 4 years under your belt. Best of luck to you!
    • The person who knows you best. Admissions committees don't care how well known or respected the reference is if they can barely attest to your abilities.

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