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Chances? (3.09 cGPA / 3.57L2 / 156).

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The 156 was just the first practise exam i took before this new round of studying after a 8 month break. I previously took the lsat and got a 145 in Nov but only studied for a few months during school so i know i can do better once i dedicate myself. I want to know my chances of getting into a canadian law school with those potential stats and which law schools? I just graduated from a high ranking and tough business program and my first few years of school werent great. I also took a semester abroad which is why L2 is lower. I’d like to work in Vancouver or Toronto and work in Corporate law. I really want to know my chances and if i would get in / which schools i could get into and if it’s even worth studying for my lsat and applying. In first year i had a close family member pass away in second semester and second year a very close friend pass away and family issues which is why grades weren’t as strong those two years. I’m wondering if I could do the Other circumstances application with that. Thanks! 

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So disclaimer, I'm a prospective law student just like you, but from doing research and from being on this forum awhile I can answer at least some of your questions.

You likely can improve your LSAT at least somewhat, which is good, and many schools will only look at your best score, so the previous 145 won't matter so much. The less pleasant news is your CGPA and L2 are low compared to the competitive averages at most schools. Law schools do NOT care what your undergrad program was, only your grades. You might be able to mention the rigorousness of the program in your PS, but that's it.

I can't speak as to whether an "other circumstances" application would be fit for you, but even if it was, it isn't a get out of jail free card - the schools still need something to compare against to show that you would be otherwise a competitive student if it weren't for the circumstances that affected you, and you don't appear to have that comparison. (Even one extra year of undergrad with a 3.7 or more would be helpful in this situation.) That being said, your L2 and a strong LSAT might give you a chance at some schools. Off the top of my head, Dal, Calgary, and UoA are L2. There are B2 or holistic schools that may also be worth looking into, but in any case, a 160+ LSAT is your best shot.

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