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PSLOC question

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Would securing funds first through a PSLOC affect my chances of receiving federal and provincial Government loans or bursaries/financial aid from the University this fall?

My province has yet to release applications for student loans. According to their aid estimator I’m eligible to receive loans but it won’t cover things completely. I’ve gotten in touch with my local branch and applied  for a line of credit. 

I’d obviously like to maximize my ability to receive financial aid from school. However, I’m worried my access to credit from the bank will hurt my chances. Anyone have some advice on how to proceed? 

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20 hours ago, WindsorHopeful said:

A PSLOC is available debt, not an asset. It will not affect your chances.


Agree... at least for Alberta

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    • Ottawa was founded in 1953 and Ryerson in 2019. Go to the proven and established institution. 
    • The application will require you to disclose the open lines of credit you have (They'll see it by running a credit check). You'll probably get rejected for the second one based on that alone.   
    • One thing I will add is that there is an abundance of insurance in-house jobs now, even in light of the pandemic. Seeing as how you are a mid-level Associate and would have a year's worth of in-house experience at an insurance company, I do not think you will have much trouble at all finding another insurance law job either at a firm or in-house department. 
    • This is great advice. I know a few colleagues who did a one-year secondment at a client (after the client approached the firm) and then returned to private practice. Some left for an in-house job (either at the same company or a different one) fairly soon after returning to the firm, but they had that as a safety net.
    • Excuse me? What would I gain from lying about my friend debating between a school? Why wouldn't I ask the question myself like I have in the past? If you look at my posts, I haven't got into Ryerson so it makes zero sense for me to ask about Ryerson v. Ottawa especially since my acceptance for Ottawa becomes firm today LOL... What motive would I have?  Just because we share a similar passion in real estate law does not mean that I made up a "friend" for the sole purpose of asking a question that I'm more than comfortable asking myself if I had to. He has suffers from anxiety and I know how rough these forums can get with people assuming things (like what you just did), with that being said, I offered to posted on his behalf and ask around for him as I don't know much about corporate and real estate law with both schools lmao.       

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