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6 LSAT Powerscore Bibles and Workbooks for sale in Victoria

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I have 6 LSAT prep books that are in like-new condition. No marks inside!

2019 Logical Reasoning Bible and Workbook

2019 Reading Comprehension Bible and 2018 Workbook

2019 Logical Analysis Bible and Workbook

Make me an offer. Paid $300 new. 

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    • I will be emailing admissions to remove myself from waitlist. Good luck everyone!
    • ACCEPTED!  Received the call at 10:28am and received the email at 10:45am. cGPA - 3.46 LSAT - 153 I'm beyond excited to join you all in September. Its been a stressful journey, so a massive thank-you to everyone for the support and advice throughout this process 😀 Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
    • It's kind of impressive how bad this advice is.
    • yeppers. got mine last night and got hit by a car while driving my bike 5 minutes later, what a day! (i'm fine, no broken bone) i'm wondering why they closed it so early too, but oh well. keep us posted if you end up calling!
    • After graduating, i decided to study for the LSAT while volunteering. My first score was pretty bad (due to nerves i think), but the second time around (June 15th) i was able to score a 154. I know that a 154 is still lower than the current minimum for law schools in Canada.. Now, while doing PTs, i usually score around a 157-160. I have a CGPA of 3.5, and my B2 would roughly be around a 3.6. Again, just shy of the minimum. I know that law schools look at your application holistically. Just to give you an idea of my work/volunteering experience, I interned for the federal government in Ottawa as a policy analyst for around 2 years, and will be working for the government again in the next month or so. I volunteered at a Non-profit as a policy analyst and advocacy director, as well as other noteworthy volunteer positions such as working with ex-convicts, and helping immigrant refugees integrate into Canadian society. Submission of applications for law school begin in September and i don't want to wait any longer. I'm unsure whether i should take the LSAT for the third time in August and risk getting a lower score, or if i should apply and try my luck. I feel like some of you folks would have a better idea as to whether I have a shot getting in with these scores if i have a strong application (personal statement, resume, ECs, etc.). I think it's the risk of getting a lower score that scares me, because if i do, that would look pretty bad on my application and i think it would ruin my chances of ever getting in. Thanks so much!!  

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