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Retired Lawyer Offers Free Copy of Legal Memoir

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I am certainly interested and happy to provide feedback - thank you!

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On 5/27/2020 at 8:51 AM, stevkaprel said:

I’m a retired, octogenarian lawyer and have written and produced an ebook which I think would be a worthwhile read for anyone involved with law, particularly law students, prospective law students and practicing lawyers. My motivation in writing the book was to share my experience, not financial gain.

So I’ve decided to distribute the book free of charge to target audiences.  If you would like a complimentry copy let me know in a reply or a personal message and I will make sure you get one.

I’d particularly like to receive lots of feedback, whether good or bad. I would also welcome questions or requests for advice.

Synopsis: The title of the book is New York Lawyer. During the 1980s nearly one-third of middle management employees of Fortune 500 companies lost their jobs during the period known as "merger mania."  I was one of them. Following a sixteen year career with one such company in Manhattan, at the age of 49, I found myself unemployed and "on the street" when my company was taken over by Wall Street sharks and broken up. I had been a salaried lawyer all my career but could not compete in that role given my salary expectations and competing with younger lawyers.

When I went to work for the company, it was squarely in the middle of the Fortune 500 list . The circumstances causing it to end up as a candidate for bankruptcy and target for ravenous speculators is a story all to itself. The book tells how I got there, what happened on the way and how it all ended, all wrapped up in the glamour and excitement provided by the world’s most prominent venue: New York City.





Sounds fascinating, I would love a copy. Thank you. 


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