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FOR SALE - UNUSED - LSAT SuperPrep II & PrepTests V & PowerScore Trilogy 2020 (Vancouver)

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ASKING $200 (Retail Value $450-500)

1. Official LSAT SUPERPREP II (unused)

2. Official LSAT PREPTESTS VOLUME V (Tests 62-71) (unused)

3. PowerScore Reading Comprehension Bible 2020 (unused)

4. PowerScore Analytical Reasoning Bible 2020 (8 pages with minor highlighting)

5. PowerScore Logical Reasoning Bible 2020 (20 pages with minor highlighting).


Contactless Pick-up in Vancouver, or $20 for Shipping within Vancouver, $30 for Shipping within BC.


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    • Hi there. You won't be able to use the private messaging feature until you have a certain number of posts on the website. It's not very many, so you should see it unlock as you make a few more posts.  

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