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On-campus or Off-campus ?

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I am an out of province student and I was hoping if someone would be willing to share their experience/opinion on the on-campus(crowsnest - two bedroom) vs off-Campus question?

I have to decide by May 10th for my Crowsnest residence offer and any input would be greatly appreciated, 

Thanks in advance! 

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I am a Calgary resident, as for your question, I guess if budget is not a problem then on-campus could be a better choice considered convenience and safety(pandemic).

You dont want to take public transportation everyday given current situation. 

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I am not in law school, but I went to u of c and lived in res for my undergrad. I would say stay on campus your first year. It really helps to be walking distance to classes. The on campus residence is connected to most university buildings by underground tunnels.

Then you can decide if you want to share a house with friends off campus to save some cash the next year. 

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