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UBC vs Uvic Co-op

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Hi folks, 


I already posted this in the general discussion thread, but that didn’t seem the right place for it, so here we are. 

I'm applying to both UVic and UBC come next cycle and I'd be lucky to get accepted to either school. That being said I'm leaning more towards UBC for location (proximity to vancouver firms and lifestyle). UVIc's coop program is appealing though. So my main question is whether co-op at UVic gives students a substantial edge over others in the job market. Additionally, for those of you who have done law coop before, what sorts of jobs did you work? Also, does UBC offer any similar career development opportunities -- e.g. job boards? Any input would be appreciated. 


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There's quite a bit about the types of jobs UVic Coop offers if you look through this section of the forum.

This is just one example (second to last post):


I know there's lots more, but I'm sure you can do some targeted searching yourself. :) Best of luck with your decision!

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Yeah, at UBC we have a private job board. New stuff comes up all the time. They also just changed the degree requirements so you have to do an experiential learning component - so a clinic or externship.

If you want big firm in Vancouver, I would recommend UBC. In 1L, you have networking events with different firms at least once a week. It's just a lot easier to connect with firms as a result. But UVic is better than UBC for environmental law and probably most social justice work.

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As a current UVic student, I have to say that the co-op program will not give you a substantial edge in the job market. It's a great way to gain experience and apply what you learn while you're still actively a student, but it's just one of many other factors that firms will look for. Most of the jobs are government related, a handful are private law (the types and number of jobs do change depending on the year). If you're considering OCIs, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and your individual personality/work ethic are still significant factors a firm looks for. If you're trying to decide between UVic and UBC, I would tell you to consider UVic as a whole and the co-op program as just one unique benefit.

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