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How Important Is It To Apply Early?

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So I'll still be in school when I apply and I'm worried about a few things. If I want to apply for the priority deadline, i.e. in September 2021 for September 2022, I'd only have my GPA until Summer 2021. However, if I apply in January which is the hard deadline, my GPA would be considerably higher. By Summer 2021 (best case scenario) I'd have a 3.54 but by Fall I'd have a 3.613. These are again, best case scenarios. I'm sure though that at least by Fall 2021 (before Jan. 15) I'd have more than a 3.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale). If my lsat is fairly good (my latest PTs have been 160, 164, and 165. and I have at least a year until I apply), should I apply after my Fall marks or would applying in September give me a greater advantage (even if my GPA is 3.44-3.54?)

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I think the common wisdom on this is that it is better to apply later in the cycle with better stats than to apply earlier with worse stats. Although usually that has more to do with someone wondering if they should postpone the review of their file by taking a later LSAT in the hopes of improving their score or leaving it as is.

They likely would wait for your fall marks at least before making a decision on your file. As you can see, rejections only just started coming out for this cycle.

Personally I would worry less about when you apply and more about getting yourself over the auto-admit index for admission. Timing is next to irrelevant if you do that.

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    • I'm genuinely curious as I ask this - it's not unusual for me to be contacted by counsel on an unrelated matter asking me if my client has appealed a certain decision as they want to rely on it for their own case. In that circumstance, would you view it that you're not in a position to acknowledge that you're counsel for that client, and that you would need to seek your client's instructions before being able to respond in any way? (Let's assume an appeal was completed but unreported, or that the appeal period has long since passed. I'm not talking about a situation where the decision to appeal or not can still be made).
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    • The average GPA was 3.7 / 4.33  (L20) and  The average LSAT is 160. With no ECs / work experience you will have a long shot. I suggest you apply to SasK as well. Once you get 160+ a lot of doors will open for you (Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, UNB, DAL, etc).
    • Maybe I'm too pessimistic but at a truly small firm, I would assume the lawyer is thinking of paying you minimum wage or something close to it. 

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