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Rejected (Lakehead) 2020

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Rejected today. 

cGPA: 3.71 (OLSAS) 

L2/B2: 3.81 

LSAT: 153 

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    • Are firms expecting students to be physically in Toronto for the summer if work will be remote? 
    • OP should apply to some schools outside of Ontario as well. https://lawstudents.ca/forums/profile/31659-fatphil/ https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/62270-chances-lsat-172-cgpa-275-3-lors-one-from-trustee-of-annual-prize-at-a-law-school/?tab=comments#comment-835140
    • Replying again, did anyone hear anything from ryerson, March is coming up so I was curious. Thanks!
    • Facebook groups like Ryerson or U of T Off Campus housing are definitely your best bet. Most students moving back home during the summer months sublet their apartments downtown for the summer so you can usually get a pretty good deal (especially currently). 
    • There have been instances of splitters like this getting into law schools in Ontario, yes, but keep in mind that they'll see that you took the better part of a decade to finish your degree and likely hold that against you. They already prefer full-time candidates over part-time, because they want to know that you can handle the full-time nature of law school. This example is an even more extreme case than even a part-time student.  You can explain yourself in your personal statement, it might help your case because it'll give more context to your situation. But that said, law school is anywhere from double to triple the tuition that undergrad is, and if you needed to work full-time to support yourself in undergrad, then it's not a foregone assumption to make that you definitely will need to work full-time in law school as well - which means that you won't be able to keep up with the demands of law school.  Applying for financial aid is also an option, so that you won't have to work as much and can focus on your studies - but given your GPA, it's not likely that you'll get anything. They'd probably much rather give scholarships and bursaries to a student with a higher GPA because they'll be seen as a more reliable investment of their funds.  All this being said, depending on where you apply it's likely still not impossible to get in. Work experience is highly valued with adcomms, so you should focus on trying for holistic schools as much as you can.  If you do manage to get in - that's amazing! In that case, I advise that you do whatever you can to secure OSAP, a PSLOC, anything you can to make sure your finances are taken care of - you need to dedicate as much time as you can to law school, because it's a whole other beast than undergrad.  Best of luck.

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