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    • @synchronize "barely relevant contexts'?  You have utterly missed the point.  I stated that the pass rate for Canadian graduates was likely much higher than the 73% cited by a previous poster. And apparently it is. That's directly relevant to the topic at hand.  Your rants are bizarre and possibly projecting. 
    • The point is, all else being equal, if I had full choice in the matter, I would have actually preferred to do PLTC either halfway through my articles or at the beginning due to the anxiety I outlined earlier. It’s unlikely to happen but you’re not immune from failing. That’s what I mean when I say it should be a consideration. Your trial situation is uncommon, and I agree I’d have made the same choice as you, if I had that choice to make, but I’d wager most articled students don’t have that choice. OP did not mention any trial or major matter they would be missing out on partway through articles, so that’s not a consideration here.  Furthermore, I’m getting tired of a certain trend on this board of bringing up foreign grads in barely relevant contexts just to dunk on them. Would you say to a Canadian grad who says they’re having trouble finding a job “well foreign grads have an even worse time finding a job”? Canadian grad complains their principal mistreats them, well foreign grads get to be even less picky about what jobs they take so they are more likely to have an abusive employer? Even if things may be true, they don’t always need to be said, if they don’t address the actual topic at hand. 
    • Hi everyone,  I'm going to be applying this fall and I'm wondering what my chances are. I think my PS is good, I have solid references, and I have worked at a women's clinic for about a year. LSAT: 149, 153, 157, 156 cGPA: ~3.1 B2: ~3.7 I was considering applying under Access because there were extenuating circumstances in my first year of undergrad that affected my cGPA. But with all of this in mind, would it be worth writing the LSAT again or do I have a decent shot? Thanks!
    • I appreciate the heads up! Sorry, I started the process soon after I finished my August LSAT. I will be submitting by November 1st.
    • Just a heads up that I'm pretty sure November 1st is the deadline for Ontario schools. The application period is open already.

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