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i'm articling with MAG right now and i just checked in my email and last year they didn't reach out to me after the initial hiring period until early May when they emailed to set up an appointment to come in and fill out some hiring documents before i would start.

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    • Congrats if you have a job this summer! For those without jobs or postponed jobs, how are you planning on being productive this summer?  So far, I've been looking at online courses in business and have a long reading list. 
    • Can't say I'm complaining about the fact that I can just roll out of bed and go to class   But yeah, it's difficult to focus at home. I never studied at home before this.
    • Haha I am also very concerned about Ryerson (I think at this point that is out of the question now) - I just wanted to know what everyone's insight were for all three!
    • Profs are trying their best but the pedagogical style of law school, specifically the watered-down Socrative method of Canadian schools, doesn't translate well to online classes. My profs that use Zoom-equivalents are less inclined to cold call because of the awkwardness of the platform and not wanting to put people out, but the result is a very awkward minute of silence every time they ask a question. Most of us are disengaged and anxious as there is still a petition circling to switch from optional P/F to mandatory P/F, which is a cloud hanging over everyone for one reason or the other. Plus me and my close friends in 1L have all had our summer jobs revoked in one way or another or delayed, so the stress of finding a summer job now is taking primacy over revising. I've moved home to another province in the interim, which has been an adjustment period in and of itself as it's the first time I've lived with my family in nearly a decade. Safe to say there are some growing pains as we all re-adjust.  TLDR: it's weird as hell and even with all the time in the world I'm 100% less productive, absorptive and frankly interested.  😀
    • To be blunt it's completely absurd that you are concerned about the reputation of TRU but not Ryerson.

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