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Waitlisted (Robson Hall) 2020

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Wait listed at 75

index 73.5 


not sure what the gpa is out of but that’s the number they gave me lol 

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Got waitlisted with a 153 LSAT, and 3.66 gpa (no drops). Index number is 68.17. I’m number 231 on the waitlist lol so I don’t think I’ll get in but one can hope 

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    • I think it would be best to choose the school where you want to work! (which is the general rule) And if you want to work in BC and already have an offer from a school there thatd be the best choice.  its going to be very difficult being in an ontario law school and networking and getting positions for BC. When you take into account the travel and not having that face to face interaction with recruiters. And if you check the employee lists of the corporate law firms in BC you'll see there are students and associates that graduated from TRU. 
    • Say what? You want to work in BC long-term and got into a law school in BC, but want to come to Ontario instead? There is a lot of information on TRU on this site. Simply put, all the Biglaw firms in Vancouver do OCIs at TRU. 
    • Thank you very much for your replies! To make matters more confusing, I did very recently receive an offer from TRU Law. However, many firms I have talked to still are on the fence about the reputation of the program. Would it be accurate to say that TRU Law is building a reputation within BC - especially in the scope of Corporate Law? Being in Kamloops I am hoping I am not too far out to network with the firms in Vancouver/Victoria.
    • Congrats! And let the dice decide! 😄

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