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On 2/26/2020 at 5:35 PM, fira17 said:

Is your L2 confirmed? If so, definitely in. 

Thanks! I called today and they are too busy right now to do GPA confirmations unfortunately... just crossing my fingers that my manual calculation was accurate. 

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    • I would literally carry around my 32" TV to use as a second monitor when I was living/working in residence. Can't agree with you more on this.
    • Thank you! I applied under both Regular and Discretionary. The Acceptance email wasn't very specific other than mentioning your acceptance and the required deposit, so I can't say for sure. When I wrote back asking about a formal acceptance Letter, they did mention that they aren't able to send out the formal Letters at this time due to Covid-19.    Best of luck to everyone!
    • Thanks for this. Looking for the Alberta equivalent but I imagine is it similar across the board.
    • Hi, For those who have been accepted, did you receive an official Offer of Admission package in the mail? If so, how long did it take to arrive? I was accepted in March 20th but still haven't received anything yet.    FS 
    • Bumping an old thread. I've been notified that I've been accepted for membership residence at St. John's College. Have any other law students lived at SJC and have any experiences they'd like to share? Is it worth accepting the spot or risk waiting for other options or looking off campus? I would prefer to live on campus for my first year to ease with the transition, so I applied to SJC, Green, YRH and Winter residences. I'm mostly concerned by the structured meal plan and dining with how they may or may not interfere with socializing opportunities with fellow law students living elsewhere.      

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