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The unofficial facebook group has been created for new students. If you feel like it, add yourself. Its called  "University of Alberta Faculty of Law 2023 Class" 😃

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I highly recommend you do - most of the social events are posted on FB, you can get to know your fellow students (by more than their LS.ca handle!), and it’s another great forum to ask questions of upper year skulkers!

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    • I think you should give UofT more credit for being relatively holistic, as they have admitted a significant number of students with under-average stats over the years. In contrast, UBC until very recently (this cycle) has been a pure index school, strictly admitting most applicants based on GPA and LSAT alone. In practice, the adcom over there would not even read your PS if you were not a discretionary/access applicant. 
    • Alternate plans? You can't currently travel and all law firms on-boarding students are facing the same circumstances as your firm. Unless you are referring to working part-time outside of law, sit tight, finish your coursework and try to enjoy free time as much as you can.
    • Yea you sound right. I agree with what you just said: UofT admitting students 2/3 based on stats with no references and interviews is a 100% fair way to select competent students. Indigenous people and other minorities who struggled to obtain study supplies is not a problem because if they cannot get the stats they are not competent enough and law school is not a charity. People with high LSAT and GPA are the ones who will be top lawyers in Canada because of the below. Let us all not blame any school since their admission policies are correct and unquestionable.  All of these comments are well said, well said.   
    • Do you mind saying whether it was a small or mid size firm?  You're right. Hoping and praying that when the courts reopen, there's a flood of work.
    • It seems another round of acceptances have been sent out. I still have nothing. Hopeless and desperate.

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