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Chances? (3.43, 3.6 expected, 161)

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    • Thank you!! Hoping to get admitted 🙏🏼
    • My best advice is not to get too high or too low through the process. A great interview can lead to no call and the strangest, driest 17 minutes of your life can lead to a firm calling you exactly at 8:00am on call day. Try to keep an even keel, don’t read too much into things like not receiving a response to your thank email, and keep smiling and moving forward.  If a firm doesn’t call you for an in-firm, forget them! Focus on the firms who did and move on.  It’s a weird, exhausting few weeks, but like all things it will end.  Good luck. 
    • When interviewing at the firm where I later articled, one of my interviewers explicitly warned me that they had a temper problem (which they said they were trying to overcome). I was stupid enough to accept the position.
    • Public is the most important one (only real mark) so you probably have a good shot if all your other application materials are good as well. I can't believe you still didn't get one of your marks back yet... and the assignment for that class is worth 6.7%? Such a random number.  Also are one of those grades an ILS assignment? 
    • I applied November 30, and my application was updated with everything showing up, including the correct dates that they were received, a week or so ago. I'm not really sure how they go about the order of looking at/processing apps so I'm not really sure. I haven't been told that my application is actually being processed yet, though. It's my understanding that once you get that email, your decision is just a couple days away.  When did you email asking this? Is it too soon to perhaps email again, citing that you've heard that others who have applied earlier have already gotten their apps updated? Or are you worried about over-emailing?

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