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Access Queen's 2020

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Post here if you've been accepted under the Access category or are still waiting to be accepted.

Also: post your stats here if you feel comfortable.

I am still waiting under Access. My stats are 3.4 GPA, 3.9 B2 (waiting on Winter marks where this number will be made official), 164 LSAT, and an MA. I know it's early, but I've been through this cycle two times before and every offer that goes out without my name on it stings my soul! Hopefully we all hear back soon.

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still waiting under access. my stats: 153 LSAT, 3.75 GPA, identical B2.  don't have high hopes of getting accepted but who knows

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I'm waiting too. Applied mature at Western and access at Queens/Ottawa.

My stats:

3.89 cGPA

3.89 L2/B2 ... My grades were consistent throughout 4 years lol

154 LSAT

Took the blasted LSAT 3 times. First time in June was 154. Second time in July was 154, which I cancelled and took the free October test... and got 154, AGAIN. Of course, mature and access have different standards than general, so that means I'm 1 percentile away from hitting that recommended standard. Really sucks though because I practice over 160, I took screen shots of my practice tests - done online to practice actual conditions in case July was tablet, and wish the schools would accept THOSE, lol. I just choke on the real deal. Obviously I don't choke anywhere else, my GPA shows that I test well in general.

The LSAT is the bane of my existence though :( I honestly think it was because, in every single test, the Reading Comp (my best test section, I score near perfect each time), was placed either at the very beginning when I was freaking out with anxiety, or the very end when I was too exhausted to give it 100%. Those extra points in RC would have pushed me up to where I needed to be to get closer to my practice scores. I only know this for sure on my June test, since it was disclosed. I sat here for 35 minutes to redo the RC section and scored 7 higher. 7!! What a piss off. 

Anyways, I would have loved to explain my LSAT in my applications, but my circumstances needed more elaboration. I'm mature/access because I didn't have a lot of EC's and took a reduced course load - 4/5 classes. I was having surgeries throughout my undergrad, so I took less classes in order to be able to catch up any missed work. I actually have an implanted device in my brain, done in 2014, called Deep Brain Stimulation, to resolve some symptoms of Primary Generalized Dystonia (a neurological movement disorder). The device sends electric signals to the movement region of my brain, and is hooked up to a battery in my chest. When that battery hit a certain voltage, I had a couple of weeks to get in for replacement surgery, so I couldn't really plan my life (see: EC's) around it. My battery needed replacement twice during my undergrad, but during the second surgery they implanted a rechargeable battery that will last 10 years. Which is all to say that surgery won't interfere with getting my JD at a regular pace, should any school accept me.

As well, I have a unique story of working as a CYW for 10 years, then living in MENA to teach English during the Arab Spring, all while living with a permanent disability - Dystonia. It was during a violent police/army crackdown on a peaceful protest in Morocco that I decided I wanted to return home and go to law school. I can't do anything for MENA, but I can sure as hell do something here, whether it be immigration, government/constitutional, indigenous, etc. law. I hoped my story and goals would make me unique and set me apart from other applicants, which is why I focused on my life (rather than my abysmal LSAT scores) in my PS. I also have great LOR's, since I really made an effort to get to know my profs during undergrad. I was closer to their age than my peers in most in cases, so it was easy for me to communicate with them on a different level :)

TL;DR version: I hope my life and circumstances make up for my crappy LSAT.

Right now, the anxiety I feel watching other people get accepted (therefore seeing my chances dwindle) is incredible. I'm just trying to focus on school, since I want to graduate never having received a single "B" grade. Straight A's baby. lol.

Wishing us all luck though!! Fingers crossed for us all!

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I applied Access and was accepted. However,  my issue is that I don't know how to be sure if I was actually accepted qua Access, or whether I was punted back into the regular category and approved on that basis.*

Anyway, stats are LSAT 163/B2 3.93 (B2 really helps me, as cGPA is quite a bit lower).

Best of luck to you all,


*I was told in advance by admissions staff that my Access claim may not be accepted. I applied Access under the "age" subcategory,  purely because I could not obtain an academic reference due to the time elapsed since my previous schooling. Ottawa and Western have 'nature's categories to get around this, and Lakehead told me they didn't really care so I should just apply general... only for Queen's was I directed to the Access "lane" , so to speak!

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LSAT: 167

B2: 3.26

Applied Access as I am close to blind.

Still have heard nothing.

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Hi all! Long-time lurker of all of these forums and I'm thrilled to finally be able to post. 

I was accepted this Tuesday (February 11) - I applied under the Access category and the following are my stats:

LSAT: 161
L2: 3.82
cGPA: 3.70

Best of luck to you all, I hope you hear back soon with good news! 

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    • Just for further clarification, session in this case means 'semester', right?
    • That's a pretty good sign to go with your gut. Trust me, no one will look down on you for choosing McGill over UofT. 
    • If accepted it will be off of the waitlist 
    • The most value from 7sage is in the video explanations of the questions themselves. 7sages whole philosophy is on the backend review of each section you do. JY's explanations are fantastic and it's from those that you really start getting the benefit from 7sage. I find JY's and lsathacks have the best explanations for LR questions in the business.   I found both 7sage and powerscore to be logic heavy but the way 7sage treats it is more applicable to the test material. Powerscore requires you to learn a different set of namenculture and symbols for intersectionality in LR, conditionality in LR and yet another set for logic games. 7sage keeps it the same across all three and the grouping of logical indicators lends to faster times imo.    How far along are you in your prep? Did you hit the 80's in the pt's yet?

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