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When is a reasonable time to hear back?

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With the January LSATs now released I was wondering when below median applicants generally start hearing back from Ontario law schools, for better or for worse? I keep seeing posts saying it's still early for acceptances hence why I'm wondering when the most common time to hear back is? I understand that it's still an unpredictable system but I'm trying to be a bit more realistic with when I should be expecting any news (rejection, waitlist or acceptance). For reference my stats are as follows:

CGPA: 3.6

L2/B2/B3: 3.7 range

LSAT: January 157 (September 154)

I also applied to Osgoode, Ottawa, Windsor, Western, Queens and Ryerson

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It's hard to tell when you will hear back, if at all.

Some schools do rolling admissions and some do a few distinct waves. You may be waitlisted because you are on the fence in terms of admission for the schools listed.

Given your stats though, I think you should have a decent shot (50\50) for at least one school out of those listed. 

Windsor and Ryerson are more likely than Ottawa, and Ottawa may be more likely than Western, Osgoode and Queens.

I know this does little to answer your questions but there's no good way to answer them.

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