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At the moment no. However the Law Student's Society 1L reps will usually make one a little later in the year to coordinate summer meetups, the Law Buddies program, and orientation events. I'm sure a post will be made about it when it's organized.

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    • You've posted that you have a 163 and a 3.88 CGPA. This means you are smart enough to know that you will be admitted to Law School, and it obviously does not make much sense to ask your question without taking that into consideration. So if the question is phrased as "Is it normal not to worry about being admitted when my stats are such that I will obviously be admitted?", then the answer is "yes", but it's also a completely pointless question. Why are you asking it? Most of the people here who are anxious about admission are those who have borderline stats or worse. I suppose if you fell into that group, but you were still not worried, this would be a more meaningful question. -GM
    • I agree. When I wrote the LSAT I was very worried about the whole studying process and writing the actual exam. So I just feel kind of weird right now that I'm not worrying at all. 
    • I did this too and was slightly worried about it so this thread is reassuring. Good luck with your applications!
    • I was just wondering if most people are anxious after they apply. I think I'm going to be accepted to most schools, so maybe thats why I'm not anxious.
    • Yes it's normal. Having anxiety is normal too. When people post about having anxiety they're usually looking for advice or someone they can relate to for comfort reasons - so I'm also unsure about the point of this post. You're not alone though. I applied this year and I'm not anxious. I'm excited, more than anything else. The only time I've ever felt anxious about something school-related was right before taking the LSAT. Everyone is different.

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