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I was wondering if anyone has been through the 2L transfer process to get into Uvic. I am interested in transferring from Dal to Uvic after 1L, and was curious if anyone has any general idea (I know there would be would variation year to year) to the 1L grades necessary to be accepted for transfer? My undergrad GPA was 3.94/4.33 and my LSAT score was 161.

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I was also wondering about any successful experiences transferring from an out of province law school to UVic. My LSAT was 158 (really not that strong) and my undergrad GPA was 3.8/4.0. I have fairly compelling reasons to be back on the Island (close to family) and the job market I am interested in. Just looking to hear from anyone if you think I might be a successful transfer applicant or what your experience was transferring!

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    • Lol good luck. I signed up to use some of their digital practice tests and months later I was still getting phone calls and text messages. I wouldn't give them a penny. 
    • Agree with this. Without a diagnostic you won't know whether you should do October, November, or January. But I will say that most people need more than 3 months.  https://7sage.com/the-three-worst-lsat-mistakes/ Don't rush a test like the LSAT. It's one of the major components of your law school application and it's not good for your headspace. Come back with a score (maybe it's really good!) and we can help you more. The kind of score band you would need also depends on what your GPA is (cGPA, L2, B2). Of course the better the LSAT score the better but if you've got an amazing GPA then that at least gives you more room to breathe. One thing to note about disclosed vs. not disclosed. If Flex ends up continuing, there's a good chance that a disclosed administration might end up becoming non-disclosed. And I would bet that Flex continues through until at least the end of this year, with how COVID is still messing around with everything. 
    • The average GPA was 3.7 / 4.33  (L20) and  The average LSAT is 160. With no ECs / work experience you will have a long shot. I suggest you apply to SasK as well. Once you get 160+ a lot of doors will open for you (Alberta, Calgary, Manitoba, UNB, DAL, etc).
    • Maybe I'm too pessimistic but at a truly small firm, I would assume the lawyer is thinking of paying you minimum wage or something close to it. 

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