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Chances? 3.76 cGPA (OLSAS) LSAT 154

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I re-wrote my LSAT in January, was PT'ing mid-160's before writing so definitely hoping I managed to do the same on test day. I'm starting to get nervous as there has been no movement on my application (i.e. still not in queue). 

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17 minutes ago, Luckycharm said:

154 is pretty low for OZ

Yeah, test anxiety got the best of me without a doubt. Do you think adcom would still consider me after January results are released though? 

I know a 154 is really weighing my application down 😓

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    • >Cash-cows MBAs have been cash-cows for all universities for the past two decades if not three. Obviously, the bull run has been faltering since the stock market crash, but the reputation of a good MBA is still there. Then again, I'm not interested in debating the merit of an MBA, just seeking information about what triggered the reputation change. >Reputational change I don' think that Rotman's standards or class profile have changed considerably. Given that (1) Rotman's class size has been 300-350 for a good decade; (2) its alumni have been 45-55% international students since 2012; and (3) the GMAT average being steady at 650-690, I think something else is causing the significant reputation change. Interestingly, all the big MBAs in Canada have significantly dropped in rankings since 2015/6. Rotman in the 40s between  2011-14, Ivey at 46 in 2011 and 68 in 2012, Desautel in the 60s between 2011-12,  Schulich in the 70s have now all dropped to the 80s and 90s since 2016, with Schulich no longer being ranked. Of course, this is just one ranking system — one can look at Businessweek or Forbes to see different ranking tiers in Canada. Clearly, the problem is multifaceted and likely intertwined with the Canadian market. Some online sources I've consulted partially blame the drop on (1) the ranking methodology heavily emphasizing post-MBA increased wages reported in PPP, which inherently inflate the value of MBAs in developing countries; and (2) a declining job market and currency value (currency value has plummeted since 2015). You could also be onto something regarding the tidbit about international students. If 50% of the class are international students, then the ones who were keen on applying to Rotman 10 years ago have now decided to stay in their home country due to a rapidly developing education system (especially in China), then the current international applicants are less valuable. Nonetheless, I find it hard to believe that a 50 point drop is possible without some internal complications within Rotman. Perhaps (1) the class teaching styles changed; (2) the recent innovative features (e.g., Self-Development Lab) aren't as impressive as their predecessors; or (3) Rotman has severed ties with essential connections and/or donors. I'd be very interested in hearing from the experiencing of alumni, especially those who attended school between 2013-2016.
    • Wow thank you so much for this info and I’m sorry that you didn’t have a good experience. Should someone at York be notified of this if it is a scam? She is very convincing, one phone call and I was sold. 
    • I was extremely upset with my experience with Monica and so i decided to do some digging. I actually contacted Osgoode and they told me that nobody under the name of Monica Whyte has graduated from osgoode in the last 10 years or so. They said that its possible she used a different name but Monica Whyte did not go there. As well, I cant seem to find her on the York website in the PHD program.  
    • Je suis entrain de compléter un BAC en administration des affaires (3.69 de GPA). J'ai aussi appliqué à Université de Sherbrooke (sans réponse pour le moment). Bonne chance à tous!  

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