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Chances? LSAT best 152 (3 tries), CGPA 3.70, L2: 3.77, B3: 3.88, strong letters and significant achievements

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    • “With the greatest of respect..” you wouldn’t have to work so many hours if you used fewer words to say same thing
    • *I'm guessing you're thinking of doing the Montreal "Course" if you're asking how you stack up against Udem and McGill students. You're right that a 3.67 at McGill is seen as better than any other schools (Udem included). That's simply because only a handful of McGill students achieve such a feat. And keep in mind that GPAs at McGill are on a 4.0 scale, not the 4.3 scale other quebec civil law schools use. That being said, I have no idea how firms compare Ulaval, Udem, Sherbrooke and Uquam students vs McGill students. It probably differs quite a lot from firm to firm. As for Udem, some will argue that a 3.67 GPA there is better than at Ulaval, Udem, etc., which I think could be true to a certain extent. But even if it's true, it surely isn't comparable to McGill. Overall a lot of Udem students end up getting articling positions at national firms but is it because firms have a high opinion of Udem? Or because there are a lot of Udem students taking part in the "Course"? I'd say a little bit of both. With a 3.67 GPA, I'd think your chances of getting first interviews at Norton, McCarthy and BCF are pretty good but I would apply to a large number of Montreal firms if you want a better chance at getting offers. And if working in Quebec city doesn't bother you, then I'd suggest you apply to Norton, McCarthy and BCF Quebec as well.
    • Queens 2L chiming in here!  OP, I was in your position a few years ago.  Was a tough choice but I ultimately went with Queen's.  I have never looked back.   I have been impressed both by Queens course selection, and the close community.  I know that my friends who are business-law minded have had no issue finding business related courses.  As someone who is not particularly interested in business law, I have not found it difficult to find a wide-breadth of other areas of law to study.  So, if you ever start to change your mind about the type of law you are interested in, Queens does a good job covering all its academic bases.   But I do believe the real draw to Queens is the close community.  As someone who went to a commuter-school for my undergrad, I have found Queens to be a nice change of pace.  I have always found that people are willing to help out others, whether academically or otherwise, and have found that this atmosphere makes law school much less stressful than it already is.  
    • if you're specifically talking about the Jordaans, I personally make a point not to wear them until I've made my way up the ranks up a bit. despite a lot of the above comments, people who know know, and I don't think it' a great look if a student, including myself, is stunting with 1200 loafers when partners don't wear these kinds of things themselves. Perhaps permissible for dress down Fridays or on weekend when you're in the office, but would hands down eschew them if around senior associates, partners, clients, etc. 
    • I am a 2L going at Ulaval and currently have a 3.67 GPA (A-). But i've been told that since the grades at ulaval aren't curved, the grade is seen as worse than a 3.67 coming from another Law school (Udem or mcgill). I was wondering, since the "Course aux stages" is starting soon, how does that affect my chances getting into the firms I would love to go to (Norton, Mccarthy, Bcf).   Thanks!

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