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What the best piece of advice you guys have for a someone about to enter law school?

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9 hours ago, Lawstudent3210 said:

Do what works for you.

Don't get overly stressed.

Get a social circle and make sure to go out a bunch and not kill yourself. 

Get involved in a moot/legal aid/club etc. because that experience could help you figure out what you want to do and help in you in the job market.

It's okay if half-way through 1st year you feel stupid, have no idea what you are doing, and that everybody else is smarter than you. Literally everyone feels that way, not just you. 

It's posts like these I wish we could give out both the 'thanks' reaction and 'laughing' reaction at the same time. I am a man of the people so which would you rathe receive :p 

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    • Still no offers??? That's really bad
    • You will probably become one of the best mentor for students who article with you... Good luck The Sun Will Shine Tomorrow Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org Whatever we do whether be good or bad.The sun will still shine tomorrow.We do things and see things that make us feel sad.But there will always be a tomorrow.Do not dwell on past mistakes.Detach yourself from all negativity and feeling anxious.For the first time in your life you will be fully awake.The opportunities are limitless.Remember the sun will shine tomorrow.Allow yourself to shine as well.Imagine a day without heartache or sorrow.Every day you will have a great story to tell.
    • The truth it, lawyers need doctors and doctors need lawyers and everyone else needs these two professionals. There is no point comparing which one is smarter, makes more money or has more prestige. People (including the doctors and lawyers) who kept on arguing about which one is better need to seriously CHILL and start making friends. Cheer up! 
    • I'd bet most laypeople find doctors to be more "prestigious" than lawyers. The average doctors will make more than the average lawyers (although the highest-earning lawyers, whether law firm partners or General Counsels/Chief Legal Officers at a large company will tend to make more (often significantly) than the highest-earning doctors).  None of the above affects me in my day-to-day life whatsoever. I'd bet no working lawyer is sitting there thinking "damn, I wish I had become a doctor for more preftige". Do whatever your interests lie in and whatever you think you'd be good at. Success often results from being able to get through the day-to-day stresses, withstand losses and setbacks, and stay in the game long enough to reap the biggest rewards. You'll have a higher chance of staying in the game if you enjoy what you're doing. As one of my favourite financial writers, Morgan Housel, puts it, if you view “do what you love” as a guide to a happier life, it sounds like empty fortune cookie advice. If you view it as the thing providing the endurance necessary to put the quantifiable odds of success in your favor, you realize it should be the most important part of any strategy. Getting anything to work requires giving it an appropriate amount of time. Giving it time requires not getting bored or burning out. Not getting bored or burning out requires that you actually love what you’re doing, because that’s when the hard parts become manageable. You're better off starting in a field you love and won’t burn out on, letting your career blossom as your contacts and niche skills compound.
    • As someone who has been practicing for 7+ years, I've never encountered anyone who has said to me that this was their opinion. And if I had, I can't imagine why I would care. In my experience, the general public doesn't have a clear idea about in which profession you will find the smarter cohort, or much of anything else about the ins and outs of each profession. My guess is that you will find a range of levels of intelligence in either profession. And, seriously, who cares?

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