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Bursaries? LOC vs. Gov Loan???

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Hi everyone,

I am not accepted to a Canadian Law School but have applied to 8, hoping for at least one acceptance! I feel I need to get the ball rolling on financial stuff. I will of been working for approximately 7 months before so hoping to save up a bit, I have no debt from my undergrad, and get a small bursary (usually $1500) from Masonic Lodge. 

But I need to know what else is out there? are there any good bursaries/scholarships anyone knows of?

Specifically, interested in what the law schools in BC and AB offer!

And what is better LOC or Gov student loan?

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In my personal opinion, a government student loan is better because if shit goes south they have a repayment assistance plan, which allows you to make smaller, or no, payments on your loan for a certain period of time.

The UofA has a lot of scholarships, any of which you're eligible for are worth applying for. They do have a lot of financial aid bursaries as well, but in order to qualify for those you have to prove that you've taken out the maximum amount of government student loans you can for the year.

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Government student loans also have no interest while you're still studying (at least for the provinces of which I'm aware), which is another advantage over LOC's. However, if I'm not mistaken, most people will apply for both, so it's not really either/or.

Scholarships and bursaries vary massively from school to school, so I don't know that there would be much similarity between the 5 AB/BC schools. Would definitely suggest you look at the 'financial aid' pages for the 5 schools - starting with the one you're most likely to get into, if you're pressed for time. :)


PS When predicting the level of scholarships/bursaries for which you'll be eligible, remember to balance them against the comparative costs of the schools involved. For instance, if you get a big scholarship from TRU, don't forget that their tuition is way higher than all 4 of the other schools, too, so it might not be as big a boon as it seems. But then factor in cheaper rent in Kamloops, too, and you could still easily come out ahead. YMMV, etc.

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