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How old is everyone applying this cycle?

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Average age in 1L is actually in the 25-27 range for most schools, at least from the admissions booklets I've seen.

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1 hour ago, lawfacade123 said:

Make it 5.

And I thought I'd be the odd one out.

Six of us! Glad I'm not the only old person out there lol

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2 hours ago, pleasepleaseme said:

Just curious to see what the age distribution is for incoming 1Ls. 

I'm 23 myself, will be turning 24 during 1L. 

23 too!

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    • I'll be entering University in the Fall, and I know it's way too early to start preparing for the LSAT. But I was wondering if any of you had some tips on how to start incorporating elements of the LSAT into my everyday life, so that in a couple years when it comes time to take the LSAT, I'll be that much more prepared.
    • 1Ls take a standardized set of courses, so I'd imagine that it'd be much easier to coordinate an in-person curriculum for them than it would be for upper years. Western presumably needs to provide its students with some degree of certainty before the academic year so that people can make plans based on that information - they can't adopt a wait-and-see approach and suddenly switch the mode of instruction mid-year. If the school were to provide an in-person option for some upper year courses but not others, there'd inevitably be complaints about that inconsistency, too.  I understand that you're frustrated, but schools are accommodating students by offering them the ability to continue their education in unprecedented circumstances. 
    • I was not aware about the undergrads. Thanks for letting me know.  We have 4 classrooms, 51, 52, 36, and 38 I believe that can do 25 person classes with social distancing. With classes going from 8:30 am - 8pm everyday, 5 days a week, there is plenty of time for more classes than just small groups (even with a small break in between classes to disinfect).  My main point is, I do not think 1Ls should have a monopoly over in person classes. 5/6 of their classes will be in person. Upper years can't even get one? Why can't one class, say criminal for example, go online? And with the physical room that is opened up by moving just 1 more 1L class online, that can allow for a few upper year classes in person (either in the faculty of education, or in the law building). That one switch can have upper years around which has its benefits that outweigh the consequences of giving 1L's 4/6 classes in person instead of 5/6.   The support network of having upper years around to not only mentor students socially and academically, but to simply just run extra curriculars, cannot be replicated remotely. If 1L's will be in person, upper years to some extent need to be there as well. They go hand in hand! Upper years want to help 1L's, many of us are eager too, and our absence is actually detrimental to 1L social and academic success in my opinion.  Upper years can be physically present at the law building if fewer 1L classes are in person, and that physical space is given to us. I know I am throwing out hypotheticals that may have logistical difficulties, but admin has not explained anything, and they should.   
    • This isn't true. Western undergrad is aiming to provide 25-30% of classes in person. To make this happen, I imagine that every building on campus that can be used, will be used. The Faculty of Law has discussed the possibility that any classrooms too small to accommodate classes will be converted to study rooms, so that space is utilized as much as possible.  Further, to your point that upper year classes could be held in our larger lecture halls, we only have maybe 3 classrooms that could accommodate a 25 person class with social distancing. Those will be full just from running the small group program - the school has said that all other in-person 1L classes will have to be held at the Faculty of Education.  I get that you're frustrated. I'm sad that we won't be back in school too. But this clearly isn't admin being lazy. Delivering both in person and online options this year, while creating contingency plans for a second wave, has got to be a logistical nightmare. Many schools have given up entirely and gone 100% online. I'm happy they're giving 1Ls an opportunity to make the most of their 1st year, even if it means the rest of us get the short end of the stick. 
    • I agree with you - 1L's need in person the most. I just think that since the plan is already there for some in person classes, why cant it be extended for a small selection of upper year classes, especially given that we were told of a mixed model and that Western thrives with in person interaction? Upper years shouldn't be told to do everything online because 1L's need more socialization and deserve the building more, to me at least, that is not enough.   

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