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Accepted 2020



As we did last cycle, please keep the Admitted threads clear of extraneous discussion. They will remain more valuable and easier to navigate.

A reminder that Accepted threads are for posting your stats only and for asking brief questions related to the stats someone posts, e.g., asking for L2. These threads are not the place for further discussion, which should be asked via PM or in a new thread. OT posts will be deleted. Thank you!

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Admitted today! Woke up and it was the first e-mail I read. Very excited - but now need to reconfirm that this is the right life choice to make!


GPA: 3.89 (from 12 years ago)


Graduate degree

No interview, no French interview 

LOR: from two mentors who have walked me through my career the past decade, one a professor from graduate school

Work experience in Asia, Africa, Latin America. Currently overseas.

Mature student

Good luck everyone!

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18 hours ago, AlwaysHopeful said:

Did you choose to respond in English, French, or both? I had my French interview a few weeks back, but my status has not been updated. Thank you and Congratulations!

I chose to respond in English & didn't receive the French condition. Good luck!!

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Accepted yesterday:

3.68 GPA undergrad at McGill

154/161 LSAT

Pursuing a MSc

Strong ps and references

No interview (French citizenship and fluency)

Quebex resident

Last name starts with a letter at the beginning of the alphabet 

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    • i really think it depends on the person- using 7sage alone did not give me that 'aha' moment that broke me into the 160s, while powerscore was able to. i agree that the naming culture is unnecessary for learners like us- its to powerscores benefit so they can trademark it and claim it as their own. regardless, the concepts explained in the weird names did me well. something i didnt like from bible was the double not arrow with the slash across the middle. other than that i think the logic content waspretty similar in both 7sage and powerscore? i liked how powerscore didn't put too much emphasis on logic.   jy's explanations are great and im not disagreeing on that. i met him in a real life course and was impressed by his intelligence. however i derived more point gains from LR bible because it aligned with myself well. like i mentioned above i was less engaged with 7sage. it's a personal preference and it really depends on the student. you're right, 7sage's most value comes from the video explanations and i definitely received a lot of benefits from it. their review methods are not exclusive to them but the BR method? fantastic. foolproofing? awesome. i havent tried lsathacks but they seem pretty well attested to as well.    i'm on pt78, planning on finishing the rest by the march exam date. i started from pt 60. after the bible brought me my first 160, i reviewed my wrong answers by myself and supplemented 7sage's LR explanation videos for all the questions and now i score consistently in the mid-high160s with a few 170s. i think i can break 170 consistently but its not a score i need. again i think the best combination of lsat material is powerscore + 7sage, with equal credits to both!
    • Just for further clarification, session in this case means 'semester', right?
    • That's a pretty good sign to go with your gut. Trust me, no one will look down on you for choosing McGill over UofT. 
    • If accepted it will be off of the waitlist 
    • The most value from 7sage is in the video explanations of the questions themselves. 7sages whole philosophy is on the backend review of each section you do. JY's explanations are fantastic and it's from those that you really start getting the benefit from 7sage. I find JY's and lsathacks have the best explanations for LR questions in the business.   I found both 7sage and powerscore to be logic heavy but the way 7sage treats it is more applicable to the test material. Powerscore requires you to learn a different set of namenculture and symbols for intersectionality in LR, conditionality in LR and yet another set for logic games. 7sage keeps it the same across all three and the grouping of logical indicators lends to faster times imo.    How far along are you in your prep? Did you hit the 80's in the pt's yet?

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