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Accepted Alberta 2020



As we did last cycle, please keep the Admitted threads clear of extraneous discussion. They will remain more valuable and easier to navigate.

A reminder that Accepted threads are for posting your stats only and for asking brief questions related to the stats someone posts, e.g., asking for L2. These threads are not the place for further discussion, which should be asked via PM or in a new thread. OT posts will be deleted. Thank you!

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Accepted this morning!

L2: 3.91 (self-calculated)

LSAT: 156 (one write)

I am 100% accepting! Can't wait to get this journey started! 

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Just received the offer! Never been so happy and wasn’t expecting to hear until April! 

L2: 3.63 (confirmed) 

LSAT Avg: 159 

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Can't believe I'm posting this, but... JUST GOT AN OFFER!

UBC student, so my stats had to be converted from %
CGPA: 71.2% 
L2: 77.9% (3.3 self-calculated)
LSAT: 165

Index: 239.25 

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Accepted this afternoon! 

LSAT: 159 (October 2019)

L2: 3.8

Will be declining, best of luck to everyone still waiting! :)

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    • I'm sure once U of T sends out its final round of acceptances in the next few weeks we'll hear more from Osgoode and other schools! *crosses fingers*
    • Can I ask what your stats are like?
    • At least at uOttawa law, English as your second language would not undermine your admission chances. See this: "If English is not your first language, the LSAT, while relevant, may carry less weight in the Admission Committee’s evaluation of the application." (https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/admissions/admissions-criteria). Overall, I think that you have a good chance at the Common Law Section as the law school admits a lot of new immigrants and mature students every year. Your cGPA is also very strong. Relatively weak chances at Western and Queen's because the two law school are more difficult to get in compared with uOttawa law. In my view, you may have a better chance at Western law than Queen's as Western seems to place a great emphasis on cGPA these days. Good luck!
    • That's the spirit! 😁
    • Cool! Glad to help, and congratulations on the job! When hiring teachers, of course, "how close to the start date" often (usually) means "how close to the start of classes," or something similar, and it's obviously a very bad thing to leave students with no teacher and the school scrambling to find someone. So they get cranky when that happens. I can only suppose that there are analogous circumstances in law and every other field.

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