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    • You are absolutely correct. I have also only added one law school for my JD, but have taught at a few and have been on a curriculum review committee (in which we looked at other schools). This is definitely my experience.
    • I don't just think, I know. Calling four block week courses spread across 3 years "infinite" is extremely dramatic. Several schools have 3 block weeks (1 in each year). The UofT does two block weeks as well. One in first year (Legal Methods) and one in upper year.
    • I can tell you all about it if you message me! Don't want to put too many identifying details about myself out there on the forum board.
    • My LSAT also hasn't been received/ processed! I have a feeling that it has more to do with McGill updating Minerva rather than actually receiving it. For reference, my Windsor account only marked my application as complete last Friday meaning that McGill will most likely update our accounts soon 🤞 
    • A good way to find the right answer to a question is to have someone post a wrong answer and wait for the correction. 🤣 I graduated without articles.  Although I had a handful of interviews so I won't presume to know what it's like for you.  Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, it was my demonstrated interests that helped me the most in getting interviews. (1) Demonstrated interest and (2) appear affable+competent.  Oh and luck.  Have you tried using your luck?  Don't spend all your luck in one place.  You'll still need some to find the right people in your personal life and get you out of sticky situations.  Luck is a huge factor in life.  Yes, very important.  Being at the time and place when opportunity spawns on the map.  I would highly recommend being lucky. If it sounds absurd to be in control of your luck, it's because it is.  Sometimes, putting in 100% good faith effort gets you 75% of the way.  You have zero control over the other 25%.  That's just the way things are.

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