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    • University of Alberta has basically equal access to the Calgary market. Similarly, all Ontario law schools compete for Toronto jobs. It doesn't matter that Ryerson is in Toronto, it is very unlikely to place better than Queens or Western on Bay street.  Calgary has the 2nd biggest big firm legal market, but obviously it doesn't have as many lawyers as the provinces that are far larger in population (https://flsc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/2017-Stats-Report.pdf). The crux of it is if you want to do good high end corporate work, Calgary is a pretty good place to be since a lot of companies western Canadian headquarters are there.   
    • I'm applying for the 2021 application cycle. My CGPA is 3.25, L2 is 3.65 and B2 is 3.7. My LSAT scores are 152, 149, and 160. Right now, I'm planning on applying to Queens, Osgoode, UNB, and Dalhousie. What are my chances like for admissions and which schools do you think I should apply to? Also, does anyone know how taking summer courses is factored in? Thanks in advance! 
    • I know one person who did this (am a Queen's Law alum). They were in the top ~5% of the class. I believe they applied directly to NYC firms. 
    • As far as I can tell it's based on some data analysis done on biglaw hiring statistics in 2011 (scrolling through the forum) which has a dead link. It's also on UCalgary's website, although I imagine that is a bit of a marketing ploy. I too would be genuinely curious if someone has a source for this, the phrase "second biggest legal market" seems like a bit of a platitude at this point

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