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Chances? 169 / 3.94 - dropped out of grad school

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Hi everyone,

I've applied to uO, Queens and Toronto - my stats are in the title. Undergrad in Chemistry and spent time in grad school and dropped out to focus on my mental health. Spoke positively about it in my personal statement, as an experience I've grown from. I know my scores are above medians but I'm not sure how leaving grad school may affect my application.

Any thoughts? Thanks anybody that takes the time to read and/or answer.

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I also dropped out of grad school, perhaps for less well-justified reason. For my part I have just given the schools the benefit of the doubt that they don't directly weigh graduate grades in their admissions criteria. I sure hope I am right to trust this, but in the back of my mind I do still worry that they will look at the grad transcript and make a 'red flag' out of it, and decline me anyway.

I'm more confident in U of Manitoba, because although they DO count graduate marks, all my bad ones will be dropped out of the calculation anyway so it seems more clear that they won't hurt me.

Hope it works out; your UG and LSAT are obviously superlative - even for U of T.


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Seeing as how most law students and lawyers do not have a graduate degree themselves, I think your worry is misplaced. No one will care. I had PhD dropouts in my year.

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