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Chances? 169 / 3.94 - dropped out of grad school

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Hi everyone,

I've applied to uO, Queens and Toronto - my stats are in the title. Undergrad in Chemistry and spent time in grad school and dropped out to focus on my mental health. Spoke positively about it in my personal statement, as an experience I've grown from. I know my scores are above medians but I'm not sure how leaving grad school may affect my application.

Any thoughts? Thanks anybody that takes the time to read and/or answer.

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I also dropped out of grad school, perhaps for less well-justified reason. For my part I have just given the schools the benefit of the doubt that they don't directly weigh graduate grades in their admissions criteria. I sure hope I am right to trust this, but in the back of my mind I do still worry that they will look at the grad transcript and make a 'red flag' out of it, and decline me anyway.

I'm more confident in U of Manitoba, because although they DO count graduate marks, all my bad ones will be dropped out of the calculation anyway so it seems more clear that they won't hurt me.

Hope it works out; your UG and LSAT are obviously superlative - even for U of T.


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Seeing as how most law students and lawyers do not have a graduate degree themselves, I think your worry is misplaced. No one will care. I had PhD dropouts in my year.

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    • I just want to provide an opinion on the first of these sentences and some perspective on the second. First: there is no requirement for a lawyer to care about their clients. I have had clients where I would not care whatsoever if they walked out of my office and directly into an open manhole. There are requirements to act with integrity, provide competent services, avoid conflicts of interest, etc. Second: it's very common for a lawyer to review work completed by other employees very close to a deadline. I am often reviewing files staff have put together while my clients are sitting in the waiting room. It's just the nature of some types of practice. It's true that this does not work well with a teaching model.  And generally, harsh but valuable criticism can sometimes feel like belittlement or blame shifting. Maybe your boss is terrible, maybe not, but keep in mind that in a matter of months you will be a lawyer and the blame will have nowhere to go but squarely on your shoulders.
    • Thanks! I got it to work!
    • @Deadpool that's great, thanks. I'm interested in Environmental Law, and mentioned the exchange program that queens offers with other universities that also environmental law program (university of Sydney). However, I also mentioned constitutional law because of the slight overlap that it has with Environmental law, but if what you're saying is true, it'd probably be best to just revise/take out that part?
    • Hi I’m not sure if you are aware of the difficulty in each program. I don’t want to say an MBA is easy but it is certainly doable whereas a masters in economics is hard for almost any individual regardless of how smart. Have you taken advanced macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics and advanced econometrics? To give you an idea of the math required, I got A+ in stats 1, A+ in stats 2, A+ in calc, A+ in calc 2, A+ in econometrics, A+ in intro micro, A in intro macro, A in intermediate macro 1, A+ in intermediate micro 1, A+ in intermediate macro 2 and A in intermediate micro 2. As you can see I did quite well in my economics courses however the masters level is nothing like the undergrad. I think it’s the only masters degree where the best preparation is an undergrad degree that is not the same program. Economics undergrad typically does not prepare you well for the masters. The best undergrad degrees for the masters are engineering, physics and mathematics,  or at least a minor in mathematics. Also there is a noticeable gap between programs for MA in economics you probably want to go to a top 4, U of T, Western (no masters only PhD available), Queens and UBC. UBC is #1 in Canada but any school in T4 is pretty great. Then there is second tier such as Simon Fraser, McMaster, York, Calgary and others, then tier 3, McGill, Windsor, Ryerson etc. If you want to know whether to take the MA in economics or the MBA, please take the advanced courses at your university or else you’re going to get a major shock. For example, it is common that 70% of the students drop out in the advanced macro course in undergrad. If it’s already too late to enroll in advanced macro for example, please look up David Romer advanced macroeconomics, you can get the PDF for free, try the questions in the book a couple chapters in. Hopefully you choose economics it’s intellectually stimulating and I love it and I hope you will as well. I just want you to be well informed so you can make the best decision for yourself. 
    • You know, I slept on this overnight because it really didn't seem worth it to respond. But screw it: context matters. I was responding directly to your statement about people taking jobs due to lack of opportunities, given that the OP is in a better position in terms of opportunities and job security than the vast majority of JD students starting 2L. And JD students are not exactly a marginalized and underprivileged class of people to start with. This has nothing to do with whether racism is a thing (obviously it is) or whether it is bad (obviously it is). But go on and have fun raking in the "likes" with woke platitudes that ignore the context of the discussion and don't actually respond to the salient point. That's all I have to say about this.

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