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Should I apply to more just in case?

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My OLSAS GPA was updated today and was lower than I was expecting at a 3.66 (I go to a percentage school and have a 83%) my last two is probably a bit higher. I took my LSAT twice and have a 159 as my highest score (153 the first time). I also have lots of volunteer experience with over 150 hours throughout my undergrad and was very involved working for my students’ union and being president of a club.

I have already applied at Ottawa, Western, Queens and U of A. I am starting to second guess my chances, should I try apply at more schools that haven’t closed yet like U of C or Dal or am I over thinking it?

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7 minutes ago, FVV23 said:

Where do you see your OLSAS GPA?

They appeared briefly this morning for some people (including me) and then they disappeared.  Apparently it was just a test of some sort, and so now we are waiting again to see them for real!


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    • We won’t have access to gyms this year unfortunately (Ontario). 

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