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Is being an Indigenous applicant an advantage or a disadvantage in corporate law?

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57 minutes ago, advantagepackage said:

The affirmative action is taking the steps required to remove the bias that was previously present, which disadvantaged minority groups. Removing that bias thus increases chances for diverse candidates, favouring them more. 

What you're describing is not affirmative action. This is more akin to equal opportunity.

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OP, I agree with ghalm and deadpool.

Odd whow some are trying to start a debate about affirmative action. Affirmative action is not a policy in Canada.

To anyone in this thread thinking things like "oh, I never see anything racist", or "oh, I never see anyone being othered" -- you should consider the possibility that you might not experience or notice these things, despite them happening. That kind of attitude is reminscient of the men -- in every industry -- that question and doubt the plague of sexual assaults and sexual harassment against women in their industry, because "if it happened they would have heard about it."

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14 minutes ago, baklava said:

Affirmative action is not a policy in Canada.

What do you mean by this? 

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