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I got the call on January 14th! 

I applied in the access category 

Undergraduate cGPA: 3.5 
Graduate cGPA: 3.9
149 (My access claims explain the low score...I am so happy that I never have to look at it EVER again). 

My graduate degree is in Social Justice and Equity Studies. My thesis research, and on-campus involvement is closely related to Lakehead's 3 mandates.

I had three very strong academic references (one was from my research supervisor who is also an assistant dean, and has a law degree)

Will be accepting :) 


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First, I would like to start off my congratulating everyone who has got their call, and wishing good luck to those still waiting. 

I got my call on the 7th, and considering this is the only school I applied to for law, it was a blessing that it was right before the LSAT 😂

cGPA: 79%

L2: 3.7


3 LORs from professors who taught various Indigenous courses, all tailored to Lakehead. 

Personal statement outlined my passion to work with mining companies and Indigenous communities. I believe this is what helped me stick out as a candidate, and ultimately get the acceptance. 

I look forward to meeting you all! Is anyone from the GTA planning on going to the welcome day? 

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1 hour ago, Alyssia said:

I have officially signed up for welcome day! 

I am from Toronto. 


Are you going to be flying or driving up? I really want to go but I live in St Catharines and it just seems so far to go for one day :( 

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I’m flying in on Thursday and coming home Saturday! I can add your facebook and we can discuss more from there if you’d like ? 😇

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