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Chances for Ryerson/Windsor Law?

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Hey Guys, 

So I recently got a 150 on the October LSAT. It is the second time I wrote ( wrote the July one and cancelled), but I was wondering what are my chances of getting into Windsor Law or Ryerson's Faculty of law?

I am currently sitting at approximately a 3.4 CGPA. (My first year was terrible but I averaged a 3.9 in my third year). I am also currently in my 4th year, hoping I can boost up my GPA to realistically a 3.6. I have 3 references, (2 profs and 1 non-academic) all are pretty good and a lot of EC's. 

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Nobody knows the kind of that are needed to get into Ryerson.  So there's some hope, but a little bit of a long shot.   There's still time to re-write though.  Getting a 158+ will drastically improve your chances.

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