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UBC gpa conversion ?!?!

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UBC Cgpa percentage 78% is confirmed transferred into OLSAS into a 3.3?!? Any idea on if your school impacts their decision. And assuming they don't care, how would a 3.3olsas Cgpa with a 158 rank in terms of competitiveness? 

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    • When did you submit your app? they might be sending them out in batches 
    • Does anyone know how firms pay bonuses to associates? Most NALP profiles say that associates are eligible for an annual bonus, so any insight as to how much this is and how it is determined would be appreciated. 
    • Can you provide a break-down of the "bonuses?" If my math is right they total $8400. Is that a re-signing bonus?    
    • As everyone has mentioned above, only consider a foreign school if you have exhausted all your other options.  That being said, I would personally suggest Leicester. No one cares about which particular law school you went to when you come back (unless its the Top 3 mentioned above). The reason why I suggest Leicester is based on the fact that they have Canadian Faculty and have begun teaching Foundations of Canadian Law and Canadian Constitutional Law. This will not waive an NCA requirement, but it’s nice to have learnt that before having to do it on your own. Leicester is also extremely central, has a better cost of living than some other cities and the Canadian Law Society is actually a great tool. They hold alumni events twice a year in Canada and although the turnout is small, it’s still a great resource. All that being said, try your best to get into a Canadian Law school!   If you have any questions about Leicester or the whole process in general feel free to message me. I am a recent Leicester grad, have finished all my NCA’s and will be starting Articles in a couple of weeks.
    • lol property isn't all that bad, constitutional worst hands down
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