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3 Mandates of Lakehead Law school

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I am writing a personal statement for Lake head and they want us to discuss their 3 mandates . I can only find so much online to get a better understanding for the mandates. Can anyone help or point me to the right direction in terms of getting more understanding of Lakehead Law's following mandates: 

  1. Aboriginal and Indigenous Law
  2. Natural Resources and Environmental Law
  3. Sole/Small Town Practice with the Integrated Practice Curriculum (IPC)


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As a current 1L and from that perspective alone:

I asked my peers about what they wrote during orientation. I wouldn't stress about it too much. Try and write something that genuinely shows you have an interest in line with the mandate area(s). You should be able to google all three topics if you have any confusion.

If you are writing to find a correct answer, it will probably sound fake. What can Lakehead (one word) offer you that other schools cannot?

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I felt lucky, when writing mine, that my experiences and (genuine) interest made it easy to write my Lakehead statement. Not boasting - all my other statements were much harder to write; just got lucky with this one. Basically, I've done a lot of work in Indigenous communities, areas with controversial environmental issues, and in small towns. Ok, maybe it sounds like I am boasting; it's just nice as an old person to occasionally have an advantage in these applications.

If you don't have experiences or previous research interests that touch on these areas, my suggestion would be not to fake it. What I would do is look up current indigenous issues, resource and environmental issues (news stories, etc.), and spend a couple hours reading about them, and then write something about how you are interested in these issues, and how, in a legal career, you could engage with them in some way. It would probably be beneficial to target your searches to Northern Ontario.

Examples might be:

-Environmental/health issues in Indigenous communities (like Attawaapiskat, Kasechewan (sp?)).

-Proposed industrial projects in Northern areas (like all the mines that seem to be constantly proposed in Northwest Ontario), and how these may affect the environment AND the nearby indigenous communities.

-Issues related to poverty/access to justice, which may be exacerbated in the North. (Lots of stuff about Indigenous poverty in Thunder Bay, overrepresentation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system, etc).

-The third mandate (small town/solo practice) is a little harder to write about if you don't have any experience of it, other than saying that it would appeal to you, and why (only if it does!)

Disclaimer: I am just an applicant, like you. I can't guarantee that any of the above is correct; I just felt like offering input as someone who has some life/career experience in these mandate issues. Hopefully helpful as a starting point. You still have almost two days! ;)


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