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November 2019 Ontario Bar Exam

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Hello Lawyer Candidates! 

I am starting this new topic to remind anyone here writing the Barrister and Solicitor exams this November, myself included, that we can do this. We just need to keep doing what we have been doing till now and not give up.

If you are working full-time like me, I feel your pain. Two main things keep me going: 1) I was successful, like any of you, throughout law school and everything that came along. This should be no different. 2) I will be extremely relieved/happy once this is over. I visualize this feeling every day, which helps me make the necessary sacrifices that the studying requires.

Finally, if any of you wrote the June 2019 and would like to provide us with some "advice"/feedback/warning, we would highly appreciate it.

Thank you and good luck to all of us! 

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