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General 2L Recruit Question Thread

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45 minutes ago, SassyLittleGenius said:

Yes. Osler did hire 38. Blakes hired 40 (including the spilts).

Blakes has always been around that number. Big jump for Osler.

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    • This is a tough one to predict... Any reason for low grades in other years? Is your B2 from earlier or later years? cGPA 2.7 and B2 3.8 is quite hard to do unless you spent more than 4 years or you had some very bad years..
    • I actually did a second degree and To be perfectly honest the 3.65 is a guess, it is possible it may be higher, I had a few semesters that were 3.8+ reasons for my for my low gpa... Idk? I was an idiot, immature, and unprepared. I did a lot better in the second degree. I worked full time for 4 years. and then did a masters for 2. I am surprised to see under 25% queens is not really a top choice for me, I was mostly considering it because it is a best 2 school. However if my chances really are THAT low, it will not be worth it the application fee. I know this isn't the same forum, but what about Windsor and Dal if you know?   Thanks!
    • Just get someone with different last name to write it.  Don't panic.. LOR is not going to affect your chance. This is just a formality in my opinion..
    • B2 3.8, cGPA 2.7, 170 LSAT.  Some extenuating circumstances so I probably will apply for access.  Does Queen's not penalize you for a bad GPA at all or do they still take it into consideration somewhat? I'm sure the B2 that they advertise will certainly draw a few extra applicants. What are my chances? thanks! 
    • Your best 2 is under 3.7..and GPA below 3.0 Do you have any reasons for lower grades in earlier years? How long have you been working full time after undergrad?  

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