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Chances GPA 3.8/4.33 (82%), 163 LSAT (87th%)

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This is after dropping my 30 worst credits (10 courses) as I have 165 undergraduate credits from doing a double major and switching degrees. I think this gives me a 910 index? (3.8*125)+(87*5) = 910. Without the drops my GPA is 3.5 (78%) - using UBC's GPA equivalency. Should I take the October LSAT to try to increase my score? 

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If not auto-admit you'll likely get in off the wait list. Your stats are better than mine and I got an offer from the wait list. Since UVic takes your best score there's no harm in taking the October LSAT, but if you choose not to you should still be fine.

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On 8/25/2019 at 10:12 AM, uvichopeful90 said:

Thanks a lot for the reply. Though did you have similar drops? Do they actually drop that many courses? It seems too good to be true...



I also thought it was too good to be true - I have 156 credits and needed to hear I could drop 30 credits from the horse's mouth. This is what the UVic admissions office sent me:


Thank you for your interest in UVic Law.

The minimum academic requirement for admission to UVic Law is 45 UVic equivalent units (90 credits) leading towards a bachelor's degree. The degree does not have to be completed prior to admission to law school, but there must be a logical progression from first to second to third and fourth year courses.

We use all undergraduate courses completed at the time of evaluation in calculating GPA and update the calculation if additional courses are completed during the fall semester. Depending upon the number of units or credits completed, we will eliminate some of the worst grades from the GPA calculation, according to an established sliding scale (see chart below). It does not matter when the worst grades were achieved. These grades could be from first, second, third or fourth year. Courses taken through distance education and during summer sessions would be included in your GPA. We do not consider performance based courses in your GPA calculation. If you have taken university or college courses at more than one institution, you must submit transcripts from each of those institutions, so that the courses can be included in your GPA calculation. 

During the year that you apply for law school, it is important that you submit updated transcripts after you complete the fall semester, so that any additional discount (if applicable) can be applied and your GPA can be updated. The document deadline, including updated fall transcripts, is March 1. Please email them to ([email protected]uvic.ca).

Accumulated Units        Units Discounted

48 – 51.9                                      3

52 – 57.9                                      6

58 – 63.9                                      9

64-69.9                                        12

70 or more                                   15

Accumulated Credits     Credits Discounted

96 - 103.9                                     6

104 - 115.9                                  12

116 - 127.9                                  18

128 - 139.9                                  24                                   

140 or more                                 30



They need to post this on their website because this question has been asked a million times, but there's no way to check if it's the same every year other than emailing them. Anyway, hope this puts your mind at ease!

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Sorry to be annoying but how does the credit system work at UVic? if i took 5 full-year courses every year for a 4 year undergrad degree how many would I get to drop for the cGPA calculation? Was looking online but I couldn't figure out the conversion.

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If you had 4 years at 5 full-year courses per year that would be 120 credits so you get to drop 18 credits which is 3 full-year courses (or 6 one-term courses).

Uvic uses 3 units = 1 full year course so for 60 units you get to drop 9 units which is 3 full-year courses (or 6 one-term courses). 

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