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How do I feel happy here?

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There was a professor that I had that was not nice and another that was unwilling to talk to me ,  there are many fair weather friends and a friend that pretended to be my friend. I do not want to dwell more in case it breaks my anonymity by giving the specific examples. What do you do to feel happy here and please do not say jobs because people from our school have told me to not even apply because I am out of the runing pre-oci and that caused me to almost not apply last night. 

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57 minutes ago, theycancallyouhoju said:


A prof is mean or another classmate cold? Son. 

School is hard? You don’t know if you’ll get an A? Son.


Great post. Hopefully many future students read.

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I will note that OP is taking a break from the board but will be welcome back in a few weeks. Seemed in everyone’s best interest to take a breath; I hope s/he does read this excellent post. 

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    • Possibly! But on this forum you also can't account for equity and diversity considerations that are important to every university (in theory at least). There are of course considerations for race, culture, etc., but also for academic interests and life experiences. So it may be early offers had better personal statements or ECs, but it could also be that the university thinks their life experience/background will contribute greatly to the diversity of the class.
    • People here are getting all up in arms about $1000 shoes, but there are probably plenty of people at your offices every day who are easily wearing $2000 on them and you would have no idea - take a Hugo Boss/Theory suit and a shirt, quality shoes, watch/jewellery, and a tote. None of that is necessarily flashy or tacky.
    • I don't know enough about that school to comment, sorry!
    • thank you! I like many of these points especially the business oriented and technological aspect. And between Ryerson and Windsor, which one are you leaning towards if you don't mind me asking? 
    • I’ll go.  I wrote at the KPU testing centre in Surrey B.C.    Pros - Don’t have to drive all the way into Van if you’re from farther east.    - Next to Surrey central if you need to hit the mall or something. You can knock 2 birds with one stone and get your passport renewed.    - Not an overwhelming amount of test takers.    - Lots of parking.    - Friendly and helpful staff.  - Large and well-lit rooms, lots of natural light. Large and comfortable desks.  - Right next to the Skytrain.    Cons - Right next to the skytrain.    - It’s in Surrey so there’s lots of sirens.    - Easy to fuck up and go to the main KPU campus if you’re stupid like I am.    - Probably in a bad location for anyone not based in Surrey. Having to drive 90 minutes for an 8:30 test time wasn’t my favourite.    Overall it was fine, I’d easily recommend it if it was the only option, or the closest one, as it was for me. I only wrote once on the second iteration of the electronic LSAT, so my experience might not be representative.    Cheers, P&S    

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