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Regina Icebreaker tonight

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Just a reminder to any incoming 1Ls that there is an icebreaker event at the Broken Rack tonight from 8-11!

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    • The Common Law Section has not specified that payment for deposit should be received by June 1st. You even emailed the Common Law Section your proof of payment. I think that you should be okay. Have a restful weekend!
    • I think Israel-Palestine is likely an exception to this. People on both sides of the conflict have incredibly strong opinions about this, such that arguing for or against one side is often viewed as on par with arguing for genocide/other crimes against humanity by the other. I would be wary of having any public comments regarding the issue, even if I knew enough about the conflict to have a truly educated and well reasoned opinion.  For other issues of less existential importance, I would generally agree. Although if you’re trying to work at BJs in O&G and your google results show you’ve protested every pipeline ever proposed, that’s going to raise some flags. 
    • I think it can possibly work against you, if you took a pro-Palestinian stance, depending on the firm. During 2L, I went through the OCI process, and had many in-firm interviews. One firm told me they were going to offer me the job (I know a violation of the Rules). On offer call day I received no offer from them. I was fortunate that another firm I was interested in offered me a job, but I called a partner at the first firm to ask what happened. It was a little like pulling teeth to get a straight answer from him, but I pressed him and finally he told me they had Googled my name and some people on the hiring committee had a problem because I had signed a petition condemning anti BDS legislation in some American states.  
    • So I made my deposit on Friday evening because silly me thought that I had already made it on Tuesday. By luck I checked my online banking and realized my money had not gone through(!!!).  anyways, do you think it should be okay? Or do they count payment received date instead? I even emailed them proof that my payment had been done on Friday. 
    • I think there are a number of arguments that can be made against raising tuition, but the classic student advocacy response of "costs should be going down!" just really doesn't fit in these circumstances.

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