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Annual LS.ca Book Scholarship

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Giving away first year textbooks to an incoming College of Law student who has accepted their offer and is definitely attending this fall. You must give the books away to an incoming U of S student next year through this forum (publicly) and add one additional primary textbook (if the list changes or there is a new edition) or a secondary text you found useful (i.e. if no changes to the list or new editions; cannot be the Criminal Code).  The hope is to extend this generosity to future years for as long as possible.

After receipt of the textbooks, the recipient must make a post in this thread.

These terms are to be explained to and carried out by future recipients as well.

First person to message me and agree to these terms gets the books.

I will be in Saskatoon on Thursday next week, or we can meet up the weekend before school begins. 

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Hey everyone! 


Just wanted to confirm I have received the textbooks and look forward to continuing this great idea with the incoming 1L’s next year! 


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