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Does anyone know anything about the new changes to admissions for this cycle? I heard about this from a friend and when I asked admissions to confirm, they replied that there would be changes to the personal statement format as well as a new pilot program that weighs personal statement, GPA and LSAT equally.  I know for regular category in past years it was 50/50 GPA/LSAT, but given that this is a pilot program would it be more likely to completely replace the index calculation for this year for all regular category applicants, or would it be more likely to appear as an option alongside 'normal' applications that are index based?

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The only people who would know this for sure would be the admissions committee, why don't you ask them for more details?


How would anyone else know how this program would work if it hasn't been made public yet? I go to Allard and haven't heard anything about it. 

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