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    • I used 7Sage's method and got one question wrong when I wrote. I found 7sage to be much, much more useful than the Bible's method. Actually, out of all the study methods I tried, I found 7sage to be by far the best. Better than Kaplan, Barron's, Mike Kim, etc. Unfortunately, 7sage's logic games explanations are no longer available for free on youtube. But if you want to shell out some money, you might find it to be worth it to you. 
    • I'm gonna move. Hopefully some in-class occurs, some facilities are open, etc. Plus I don't really feel like living with family. So Sept 1 off we go.
    • I'm taking the LSAT-Flex this July, so I understand that there's not going to be a whole lot of room for improvement between then and now. However, since this is the section that seems to make or break my practice test scores, I'm wondering if anyone has any further advice for how to improve my AR (in the event I want to retake the LSAT).  Logic games is the section I've improved most on since I started studying last October, but it is still my worst section. I'm currently getting an average of about 15 correct questions, and based on how I usually score in the other sections this limits me to about a 164 overall score. Yet every so often on a practice test, I'll randomly get, like... only 8-10 logic games correct and it's pretty disheartening. My other sections have continued to slowly and steadily improve, but I feel like I've hit a wall with AR. I've used the PowerScore Bible for it, which has definitely helped. Although I still usually run out of time before I can go back and finish the harder questions, and if I work faster to get every question done, I get more wrong, so nothing changes with either method of attacking them.  Right now, I'm mostly focusing on doing timed logic games sections. I'm particularly worried for the Flex because normally I have other LR and/or RC sections to bolster my score, so I don't know how this is going to pan out if I happen to get a difficult set of logic games this time around. 
    • Sure, if you want to be half a CJ, go to U of T.

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